Incube Jan 2022 Catalogue

MORE AVAILABLE ONLINE! HOW TO ORDER CALL 01889 271 523 MADE IN BRITAIN CONSTRUCTION GUIDE Some of our products need assembling, which is indicated by the spanner symbols. Little or no assembly required 2 person assembly and/or some practical knowledge required Some basic tools and assembly required Most of our products are made to order and you can customise them to your own specifications. So, wherever you see the YOUR CHOICE logo, make sure you choose your options and add them to your order details. ? YOUR CHOICE FREE KERBSIDE DELIVERY FOR ORDERS OVER £250 SEE THE FULL RANGE ONLINE 2022 Rugs • Beanbags • Wall Displayers Bring your library or classroom reading corner up to date with these vibrant, budget-friendly products that will give your tired space a facelift. Go online to see our full range. Many thanks for your help with this project. The new additions have given us the wow factor we were looking for and everyone is really pleased. Alison Abery, School Business Manager Queenborough School & Nursery 3 PROMOTING LITERACY THROUGH FUN AND INSPIRING LEARNING SPACES QUICK FIXES Affordable small items and accessories. BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN Woodland wow factor and the NEW Happy Hive range. SEATING A huge choice of different shapes, sizes and colours. COLOURFUL CLASSROOMS Vibrant, modern classroom furniture and storage. BOOK DISPLAY & FEATURE UNITS Free-standing display plus some statement pieces. SHELVING RANGES Single shelving units and Instant Library Packs. DESIGN SERVICE Our award winning service will help bring your vision to life. FAQS The all important small print! Please read carefully. COLOUR SWATCHES Choose your fabrics and board colours. AT THE START OF EACH SECTION YOU WILL SEE THE FOLLOWING LOGOS: Where you see this logo, look out for our fantastic new products. 14 21 29 54 39 48 6 3 INCUBE NEW! Colourful Cubes Rug see page 5 55 NEW! With only limited catalogue space we can’t feature all of our fantastic products. Please see our website for more Fabulously Funky favourites. MORE AVAILABLE ONLINE! ONLINE EMAIL