Jan 2023 Catalogue small

7 PRODUCT SHOWCASE New products, favourites and highlights. QUICK FIXES Affordable small items and accessories. BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN Woodland wow factor and the Happy Hive range. SEATING A huge choice of different shapes, sizes and colours. COLOURFUL CLASSROOMS Vibrant, modern classroom furniture and storage. BOOK DISPLAY & FEATURE UNITS Free-standing display plus some statement pieces. SHELVING Single shelving units and Instant Library Packs. DESIGN SERVICE Our award winning service will help bring your vision to life. FAQS The all important small print! Please read carefully. COLOUR SWATCHES Choose your fabrics and board colours. 3 3 2 4 40 48 16 23 31 54 55 PRICE DROP READING DENS AND HIDEAWAYS Cosy nooks allow children to settle with a book and immerse themselves in a world of adventure and fantasy. (Leaf Reading Cocoon 2: Pg 9) BRING THE OUTSIDE IN This year we have added some fun and cute new products to create reading gardens and woodland libraries. (Caterpillar Arch: Pg 12) TABLES AND SEATING SETS Whether you want a formal classroom style setup or a relaxed breakout space, we have got you covered. (Modular Single Tables: Pg 27) FREE DESIGN SERVICE Our award winning design service now has an option especially for offshore and less accessible areas. See page 48 onwards for details. DESKS AND WORKSPACES From junior librarians to class teachers, we have a workstation to cater for every need. (Compact Teacher’s Desk: Pg 29) UPHOLSTERED SEATING With products to suit any area, plus some great bundle deals, our ever popular seating comes in a variety of colourful, hardwearing fabrics. (Tripod Seating Set: Pg 20) WOODLAND LIBRARY PACKS Our new woodland styled Bloc packs turn your library or reading corners into a magical forest. (Woodland Pack 2: Pg 15) BOOK DISPLAY Wall mounted book displayers in a range of designs to promote your favourite reads. (Capsule Wall Displayer: Pg 5) Where you see this logo you will find one of our excellent value products has reduced in price since last year. HOW TO ORDER CALL 01889 271 523 ONLINE www.incube.ltd.uk EMAIL info@incube.ltd.uk NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!