Instant Classroom Kit

Refurbish an entire room!
Refurbish an entire room!


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MINI (infant size - 590mmH tables, 350mmH chairs)
MIDI (junior size - 650mmH tables, 390mmH chairs


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A quick and easy way to refurbish an entire room! This pack includes everything you need to create a practical and ultra-stylish classroom. It offers excellent value for money, saving you £365 on the price of the individual items.

A member of our team will contact you to discuss your colour options.

Pack includes:

  • 8 x semi-circular tables

  • 3 x rectangular tables

  • 30 x Postura chairs

  • 2 x 830mmH tray units

  • 3 x 1570mmH cupboard units

  • 1 x Straight teacher's desk with drawer pedestal

  • 1 x Adult height operator's chair

CLICK HERE for more information about colour options!

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