Incube Primary School Catalogue 2018 LARGE

BEANBAGS RUGS AND WALL ART STICKERS BUZZ SEATING WALL DISPLAYERS LEAF REVOLVE TABLES AND SEATING COLOURFUL CLASSROOMS LITTLE LEARNERS FEATURE UNITS DESKS AND CHAIRS WIGGLE SHELVING DESIGN SERVICE CASE STUDY INSTALLS FAQS COLOURS SPECIAL OFFERS 3 CATALOGUE 2018 FURNITURE F U N K Y F A B U L O U S L Y ! 4 11 12 14 16 18 22 24 27 28 30 38 40 42 44 6 BEANBAGS Cost effective, child friendly seating to add pops of colour to your classroom or library. RAINBOW BEAN DRUM SET Buy one of each colour and save! MINI: £279 set of 7 MIDI: £289 set of 7 MAXI: £299 set of 7 Purple Pink Red Lime Green Orange Royal Blue Sky Blue Made from tough, shower-proof, UV resistant fabric (do not leave outside in the rain as water may seep through stitching). i C H O O S E • MINI, MIDI or MAXI BEAN DRUM Carousel Disco Tutti Frutti MINI: £44 each MIDI: £49 each MAXI: £52 each C H O O S E • MINI, MIDI or MAXI • Colour SIZES MINI 450mmDIA 350mmH MIDI 500mmDIA 400mmH MAXI 600mmDIA 400mmH SIGNATURE PATTERNED BEAN STOOLS Comfortable beanbags in a choice of 6 unique patterned fabrics. Not suitable for outdoor use. 500mmDIA x 400mmH £59 each Honeycomb Leaf Stars NEW! NEW! NEW! Now available in our 3 BRAND NEW fabrics! 46 47 14 12 11 24 13 3 7