Inkersall Primary Academy



Inkersall Primary Academy near Chesterfield approached us after seeing an Incube library we'd installed for another school in their Academy Trust.

They'd just won a community grant which provided the budget to install a completely new library as the school didn't have one.

Their Principal knew she wanted to inspire a love for literacy and felt sure Incube could provide her school what they needed having seen the bright and fun library we'd designed for Ashford Spencer Academy. Our brief was to create a colourful, versatile area with real wow factor, encompassing areas aimed at different age groups and plenty of spaces to sit with a book

With double doors off the area leading to an outside garden, they were also interested in exploring 'bringing the outside-in' in the design.

They were thrilled with the ideas we provided and didn't change any element of the design. The children especially enjoy relaxing under their 'tree' either reading or sharing a story.

Inkersall library high view

From their initial spot-on design, to the smooth and flawless installation process and the friendly customer service follow-up, Incube has been fantastic to deal with from start to finish.

Rachel Bailey, Principal, Inkersall Primary Academy

Inkersall library curved shelves
Inkersall library shelving

Colourful shelving that allows for face out or spine book display is arranged to encourage browsing as pupils pass through the library.

Inkersall library through view

A self-enclosed reading corner off the main thoroughfare allows for story-telling or small group discussion away from the main areas.

Inkersall library foundation 2

The recessed space to the rear of the library has been perfectly designed to provide a cosy early years area with specific height seating, kinderboxes and child-friendly book trees to encourage self-determined book choice and reading.

Inkersall library foundation area
Inkersall library break out area

Tables have been cleverly incorporated to provide intervention and breakout spaces without compromising the main library function.

Inkersall library with tree

The 'tree' provides a central focus and calming influence to the whole library space. As it is positioned opposite the french doors that open on to their garden space the 'tree' provides the perfect link to the outdoors. This theme is continued in the book tree shelves, leaf shaped seats and wall displayers and the motivational quote wall graphic further down the library.