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Load your shelves with lots of lovely books to fire young imaginations and inspire a life-long love of reading.

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Library Book Collections

Chestnut books specialise in finding the right books to meet your needs, ensuring that every collection includes a range of titles with a diverse range of characters and families. The books in every collection are chosen to address issues that reflect modern life and attitudes, as well as promoting empathy and kindness.

Chestnut books aim to inspire curiosity and fascination with our world and beyond, taking children on magical adventures and hearing them laugh out loud.

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Book Corners

Make reading an integral part of every child's learning experience by creating a classroom reading corner. Load your Fabulously Funky book unit with a curated collection of age-appropriate books that meet DfE reading requirements and new reading guidance, issued in July 2021.

However, the books are not intended simply to tick boxes. Children will also love reading them!

Book Corners


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From quick fixes to complete classrooms we offer solutions for every space.

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Library stocking and book auditing service

Whether you are setting up your new Incube library from scratch, or updating your exisitng book stock, Chestnut Books can help guide you through the process. Offering a wide range of carefully selected titles that reflect modern life and issues, you can bring your book stock right up to date and address DfE requirements at the same time.

Library Books

Books for different year groups

Every curriculum collection comprises a varied assortment of characters and families, as well as being age appropriate and designed to fulfil all reading guidance. We know the children in your school will be inspired to keep reading as our friends at Chestnut Books have read and loved every book that makes it into a collection.

Curriculum Collections


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