Honeycomb Seats Set of 4

Honeycomb Seats Set of 4
Honeycomb Seats Set of 4


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MINI: 430mmDIA x 350mmH
MIDI: 430mmDIA x 390mmH
MAXI: 430mmDIA x 430mmH


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Our ever-popular honeycomb seats have been given a makeover! The gorgeous, mellow, golden tones ties in nicely with other items in our bee inspired furniture range.

Choose from MINI (350mmH), MIDI (390mmH) or MAXI (430mmH) height. 

Individual seat dimensions: 430mmDIA

Colours as shown: Butternut and Safran Silvertex

(Please note: Image shown is computer-generated, so the colour may differ slightly.)

 CLICK HERE for more information about our colour options!