Motto Reading Nook

Motto Reading Nook
Motto Reading Nook


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Large Back Panel: 920mmW x1780mmH
Small Back Panel: 920mmW x1480mmH


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Create a focal point in your run of single-sided shelving with this decorative reading nook. Available in two sizes to fit between either 1200mm or 1500mm high units, the back panel can be embellished with one of our suggested quotations (listed below) or alternatively we can apply your own choice of motto of a similar length.
Buzz bench seat available in our standard range of colours and sizes.

Please tell us your quote in the comments box when placing your order

(Illustrated with 2 Bloc 1500mm single-sided starter units either side, which are not included in the price)

Buzz Bench: 860mmW x 430mmD
Small Back Panel: 920mmW x 1480mmH (Suitable for 1200mmH Shelves)
Large Back Panel: 920mmW x 1780mmH (Suitable for 1500mmH Shelves)

Suggested Text
• Once upon a time…
• And they all lived happily ever after.
• Reading is dreaming with open eyes.
• You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. (Dr Seuss)

Also available with a Gloss White panel for an additional £5.

CLICK HERE for more information about colour options!

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