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Revolve Pack 2

Revolve Pack 2
Revolve Pack 2
Revolve Pack 2
Revolve Pack 2


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MINI 3000mmH x 2560mmD1200mmH
MIDI 3000mmW x 2560mmD x 1200mmH
MAXI 3000mmW x 2560mmD x 1200mmH


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This curvy arrangement of seating and desks allows you to create a tiered teaching area. Children can be seated at the desks to the rear with PCs or notebooks, on the seat in front using tablets or laptops and also on the rug in front. The Revolve Pack 2 can also be used to create a versatile centrepiece in a larger room.

Size: 3420mmW x 2400mmD

Colours shown: Beech desking, Purple Postura Chairs, Lime Leatherette seating with Stars accent fabric

CLICK HERE for more information about colour options

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