Drawing up a site survey is much easier if you use a large sheet of paper, so use A3 size if possible.You don't have to use a ruler or draw it to scale as long as it is written clearly and dimensions are noted down beside the relevant item.

Start by having a good look at the room before you even being to draw. Look out for any items that could affect where shelving can go and make a mental note of any features that you think may be relevant, however insignificant they might seem - remember, the more information you give and the more accurate that information, the better our design will fit and the fewer problems will be encountered at the time of installation.

For clarity and ease of interpreting the information, it is best to use different coloured pens for different features of the room.


1. Start with your first colour to draw the main outline of the room (walls, windows and doors.) Illustrate these as follows:


2. Measure the room and write the dimensions on your plan using your second colour. Measure doors and windows as well as walls and try not to let your lines get too jumbled by avoiding crossover.


3. Finally, use a third colour to draw in any fixed features such as light switches, sockets, heaters etc. Make sure you measure their positions and include these dimensions on your plan. Use the following symbols to show these items:




If you already know where some items will go (for example, if the position of IT desking is dictated by the position of existing data sockets or if you want the issue desk in a special location) please indicate this on a second rough sketch rather than overcrowding your dimensioned survey.

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