Tripod Seating Set

Tripod Seating Set
Tripod Seating Set


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MINI: 1280mmDIA x 350mmH
MIDI: 1280mmDIA x 390mmH
MAXI: 1280mmDIA x 430mmH


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The curvy organic form of the central Tripod seat adds interest to any room and comfortably seats three children. The set includes three Buzz Drums to provide separate seating options which neatly fit back together for compact storage when not in use.

Choose from MINI (350mmH), MIDI (390mmH) or MAXI (430mmH) height.

Tripod Seat size: 1280mm diameter                                                                                                       

Buzz Drum size: 430mm diameter

Colours Shown: Flamingo and Sapphire leatherettes; Carousel Bright patterned fabric 

CLICK HERE for more information about colour options!

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