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Revolve Set 3

Revolve Set 3
Revolve Set 3
Revolve Set 3
Revolve Set 3


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MINI: 1646mmW x 1299mmD x 350mmH
MIDI: 1646mmW x 1299mmD x 390mmH
MAXI: 1646mmW x 1299mmD x 430mmH


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Approximate delivery for this item is 6 weeks but this can increase at busy times

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With 8 sets that all have the same footprint, plus 2 end pieces to finish off your runs, our new Revolve building blocks will help you put together your own configurations to suit your space, your budget and your
practical requirements.

Colours Shown: Leatherette Plum, Carousel Patterned Accent Fabric and Postura Lime Green.

CLICK HERE for more information about colour options

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